How to stir-fry ( chinese food delicious secret )

One of the seven cooking techniques: stir-fry

Stir fry is the most common and important cooking method in Chinese food.

Firepower: ????? (maximum fire)

Taste: crisp and tender

Suitable for ingredients: crisp and raw materials.


Focus 1

Open fire, but not only open up

why is the restaurant’s food more delicious than the home? Not because the restaurant’s kitchen is bigger than your home, but because the hotel’s fire is bigger than your home. In order to make up for this gap, we must do the following three things:

  1. home has a small firepower, generally it is necessary to drive the firepower to the maximum.
  2. The heat storage capacity of the 2 pots must be strong, and you can choose a thick iron pot.
  3. The amount of cooking should not be too large.
That’s it

If the dish is well fried, there is a “pot of gas.” “Fan gas” is a kind of imaginary thing that can’t be touched and can only be felt with the nose and tongue.

The same dish of fried potato silk, there is a “pot of gas” smells fragrant, delicious to eat, without the “pot” smelling nose, eating tasteless. I think that “pot” is actually a kind of fragrant gas.

Although the dish is not coke, but because it is cooked in a fiery hot pot, the surface of the dish forms a coke grain that is invisible to the naked eye.

Therefore, it is very fragrant to smell and eat! The formation of “pot” can be most closely related to the size of firepower.



Focus 2

Grasping the timing of the seasonings

We often put soy sauce, vinegar and other seasonings in the process of cooking. In order to achieve the best seasoning effect, when to put the seasoning, how to put it is also very particular.

  1. Put the seasoning when the temperature is highest.
  2. Pour the seasoning from the pot.
  3. When frying some vegetarian dishes, first sauté the spices and then put the vegetables.

That’s it
  • The aroma of seasonings such as soy sauce requires high temperatures to stimulate.
  • Why do you pour the seasoning from the pot? First, we need to know what part of the pot is hottest after the ingredients are put into the pot. When the pot is dry and the ingredients are not placed, it is definitely the hottest at the bottom of the pot. However, after the dish is placed in the pot, the bottom of the pot is first contacted with the ingredients, and the temperature will drop rapidly. At this time, the hottest part is the circumference of the pot. Therefore, when placing soy sauce, vinegar, etc., try to pour slowly around the pot as little as possible, let them flow naturally. The aroma and the ingredients are so mixed that the taste will be different.
  • The fried vegetables are often seasoned simply, but the flavor is especially needed. If it is a dish that needs soy sauce or vinegar, it is best to use hot oil to explode the soy sauce. When the scent comes out, the dish is released, ensuring that the aroma of the seasoning is released to the utmost.